Regional Exterior Colors of Long Island NY

My eye is always looking at the colors and combinations when I travel. The colors that people choose to paint on the structures come together to form a palette that is unique to an area. I’d love to explore more about how colors vary from place-to-place but since I can’t be everywhere, I’ve called on my color colleagues to give us their take on the colors that define their area. First up, you’ll see the regional exterior colors of Long Island (New York).

To get a designer insider’s view, I turned to my friend and fellow color expert, Mary Nolte of Kaleidoscope Color Consulting. Mary is a Long Island native, a professional interior designer, and was a pioneer in the color consulting business in the New York area. Since 1998, Mary has been serving homeowners and business clients in Nassau County, Suffolk County, Brooklyn, Queens, The Hamptons, and the Metro New York City Area.

I have known Mary for many years and know that her keen eye for color coupled with her pleasant nature keep her clients coming back to ask her advice every time they need to choose a paint color or need help decorating. I can’t think of anyone better to recommend regional color schemes for this area.

Regional Exterior Colors of Long Island New York

BY MARY NOLTE, Kaleidoscope Color Consulting

Ahhh, Long Island…diversity in many aspects. The geography and climate are as varied from sunny beaches in the warm summertime, the Pine Barrens in the crisp coolness of Autumn, snow sports and closed school days of frigid Winter and the beauty of Spring with new fresh growth as the temperatures warm and the anticipation of experiencing all of what this area and its diversity has to offer.

The architecture is as varied as its seasons and landscapes. As you travel from New York Harbor to Montauk Point, you will pass beach bungalows as well as fabulous seaside mansions. Farmhouses and beautiful Victorian gingerbread homes grace the area. As do city Brownstones and high-rise apartments to family-friendly development neighborhoods, and the list goes on.

Regional Exterior Colors of Long Island Inspired by the Natural Surroundings

Regional Exterior Colors of Long Island Benjamin Moore Brookline Beige

This combination of colors to coordinate with DaVinci autumn roof work beautifully with a variety of architectural styles and geographic areas. The Earthy tones of the DaVinci roof and brookline beige are complimented with the soft greens of nature to add subtle interest to your home.


Yellow Gets Jazzed

Regional Exterior Colors of Long Island Sherwin-Williams Lantern Light
Contrast, cheerful yet soft yellow, charm, simple, for a little pizzazz accent with – yam! Yam can be used on the front door for a bold splash of color for those who like to make a bit of a statement. If no statement is desired, black door & shutters are a lovely more conservative combination when used with the main color lantern light.


New York Style Understated Elegance

Regional Exterior Colors of Long Island Sherwin Williams Egret White

A weathered gray roof makes a nice presentation of your home when trimmed by contrasting pure white which is also the right contrast to emphasize the lightness of the egret white main color. Accented with the medium warm gray of functional gray and the deep richness of Moscow midnight as a finishing touch of character.


Laid Back Summer on the Island

Regional Exterior Colors of Long Island Benjamin Moore Thousand Oceans
DaVinci’s Chesapeake roof color works as well on the beach as it does in the country. The soft taupe tones of Chesapeake are perfect to “top off” thousand oceans trimmed with Stonington gray and accented with Boothbay gray….of course, if desired, you can always add a bit of “wow!” A bold color door such as pottery red or gentleman’s gray are also options for this scheme.


Colors That Say “Welcome”

Regional Exterior Colors Long Island, NY - Raintree Green

Sophisticated yet warm and inviting, the combination of colors of an Aberdeen roof say “welcome” from the moment you are at the curb. Raintree green is a natural color to display a sense of style. Trim the home with the appropriately named, Creamy White to set off deep, rich accent colors of forest floor and dark purple.

Thanks, Mary for showing us the regional exterior colors of Long Island. Your color combinations can inspire the “island girl” in all of us…Long Island that is!

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