Regional Exterior Colors of Orange County California

Every region of the country has colors that define the area. In lesser populated areas it is the colors of the natural surroundings. Cities, towns, and neighborhoods are more often defined by the colors of the exterior of the homes and buildings. These colors come together to form a palette that is unique to the area. To get a clear idea of the how regional colors vary from place-to-place, I’ve called on my color colleagues to give us their take on the colors that define their area. To discover the regional exterior colors Orange County California, I knew just who to call.

For more than 18 years, Jan Turcotte, founder of Turcotte Interiors,  has created harmony and comfort for residential and business environments, combining aesthetics and function. She applies her design expertise to tastefully integrate materials and colors to create eye-catching exterior and interior color schemes and designs; helping clients transform their environments to tell a story about them and how they want their world to look and feel.

For those, who think of the glitz of Disneyland or Knott’s Berry Farm, when you hear Orange County, Jan will show you that the residents of Orange County prefer a more refined look when it comes to their homes. Whether overlooking the beaches or inland these are the regional exterior colors Orange County residents prefer.

Regional Exterior Colors of Orange County, CA

BY JAN TURCOTTE, Turcotte Interiors

Orange County is experiencing a significant amount of remodeling as homeowners look to update their residences. While inland homeowners desire a refresh to their homes by adding modern lines to decade-old structures, many coastline cottages remain the same in an effort to embrace and maintain the relaxed beach life.

Modern Style

regional exterior colors Orange County White Diamond Slate Black

A black roof is an optimal choice for this updated fresh color scheme. High contrasting colors help define more modern lines on a home, while Diamond White is fresh without being too bright to overpower those lines. Accenting of doors and shutters can be done with the Flint while trimming off the home with Onyx Black. Add even more contrast by trimming the windows in black.

Bungalow Style Beach Homes

regional exterior colors Orange County Chesapeake Coventry Gray

DaVinci shake in the Chesapeake color can be the perfect roof for a bungalow-style home. Combining Coventry Gray and Burnt Ember serves as a complement to the surrounding coastal waters and beaches, while the Chantilly Lace trim helps capture the charm of these homes.

Cottage Style Beach Homes

regional exterior colors Orange County Brownstone Sandy Hook Gray

A DaVinci Brownstone roof captures the charm of these cottages. The color Sandy Hook Gray mimics the color of the coastal environment. The ambiance of the ocean is expressed by employing Hale Navy for the water and Snowfall White for the white caps. These color say – beach and relaxed.

Ranch Style Homes

Regional Colors Orange County Tahoe Shake

DaVinci Tahoe highlights the style of any ranch home. Fairview Taupe is a rich warm color and when accented with Storm, presents a sense of rustic sophistication. Snowfall White serves to separate and highlight the contrasting colors.

Spanish /Mediterranean Style

regional exterior colors Orange County Sonora Indian River

DaVinci slate in the color Sonora is the ideal roof for this style home. Indian River is a soft color that complements this unique architecture while Rabbit Brown accents serve as the link from roof to earth

Thanks, Jan for sharing the regional exterior colors Orange County. Your color combinations are classic and while they may define your part of California, I think that many homeowners across the country would enjoy the colors you have selected for their homes.

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