Retrofit Snowguards

snowguardsI’ve had several requests to give recommendations for retrofitting snowguards on DaVinci Roofscapes steep slope roofing products. The first recommendation is to install them when the roof is being installed. It is much easier that way. If the DaVinci lightweight tiles have already been installed however, and you find that snowguards are needed, there is a simple solution to the problem.

According to Lars Walberg president of Rocky Montain Snowguards, “For a retrofit application you need to apply sealant to the top of the DaVinci shingle where the snowguard will be placed.  The snowguard is placed in the recommended pattern such that 2″ of strap is showing between the face of the snowguard and the butt end of the shingle above. Then (2) 2.5″ self tapping fasteners with gaskets are driven through the snowguard strap approximately 1/2″ below the butt end of the shingle above, through the shingle and substrate until tight.”

Walberg goes on to say that, “The appropriate snowguard to use in this application is the ST9 by SnowTrapper available in copper or dark bronze coated aluminum”.

There are certainly other snowguards by other manufacturers that would also work well with our synthetic slate and simulated shake roofing. We don’t recommend or endorse products that we don’t manufacture but we do support his installation method.

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