Roof Color Request

We are close to selecting a DaVinci Roof in single-widthSlate.

I would like to request a color expert review the pictures attached and advise our best color options for our house and roof.  The window frame color is bronze metal.

Thank you very much.

Robert and Elaine Edwards
Fort Worth, TX

Product: single-widthSlate








Dear Mr. & Mrs. Edwards,

For you home the single-widthSlate is a nice choice.

With your brick you will want to go with a medium to medium-dark roof. Your brick has variations in the color that allow you to go with either a warm gray-base or brown-base slate.

Look at Weathered gray or slate gray blend. The color should have the same tone as your grout and the color cast of your brick. Basically when you look at the color near the brick it should not look too gray/black/bluish or too brown/orangish. You want a color that is similar to the darker colors in your brick.

You will also want to keep the variation in the color on the roof subtle so that it does not compete with the pattern in the brick. You might find this blog helpful as well: How To Choose A Roof Color For A Brick Home.

I hope that helps you to feel confident in making your final selection.


Kate Smith
DaVinci Roofscapes Color Expert