Roofing Dreams Do Come True

I’ve been in the residential construction business for decades. I started while in college as a laborer for a man that rehabbed – we call it "flipping" now – houses. I loved working with my hands and still do.

You can’t describe the satisfaction of looking over something you just built knowing it’s done right and won’t have to be done over.

I’m experiencing that same feeling with my new DaVinci Roofscapes Single-Width Slate composite roofing tiles on my own home.

As crazy as it seems, I decided to do the installation myself. I’m qualified to do it as I’ve done roofing of all sorts for more than forty years. I’ll say it now before you read much more:

I love working with my DaVinci Roofscapes synthetic slate. It’s a dream product that’s easy to install. It’s not easy to impress me with products because I tend to be the Doubting Thomas. I tend to compare new products with older time-tested products that I know work well.

My son, a young man of few words, is helping me with this job. A few days into the project after installing enough of the polymer roofing shingles to where you can really see what it will look like when complete, he exclaimed, “Wow Dad, it really looks like real slate roof tiles! The shadow lines are so deep!”

Believe me, that’s a compliment of the highest from a young adult who rarely is impressed with all the great products I get to see on a routine basis.

Faux SlateThe Decision

You may wonder what drove me to DaVinci Roofscapes?

Two things.

First and foremost I’ve known about their fine products for years because they have the best public relations machine working for them. It seems not a week goes by that I don’t hear about a success story about DaVinci. That’s a good thing.

Second, my 40-year-guarantee asphalt shingle roof failed in just 12 years. That’s not a typo. Couple that with other asphalt shingle failures in the news and I have to tell you I was leery about getting bitten a second time.

The Roofing Process

I’ve installed tens of thousands of shingles. I’ve repaired roofs. Roofs are designed to take advantage of gravity. One layer of shingles overlaps the row below it and this continues up the roof creating a weather-resistant barrier to rain, wind-driven rain, snow and ice.

What I discovered after reading the official installation instructions provided by DaVinci is this job was going to be a breeze. It was hard to believe that a synthetic slate roof tile could be so easy to install.

As the head of, I stand witness to tell you this product is easier to install than traditional asphalt shingles. Yes, easier and they look far better. Tune in tomorrow to find out exactly how easy it is to install DaVinci lightweight roofing materials!

Tim Carter