Roofs with Curb Appeal

Today, we are introducing our new Curb Appeal ROI Infographic. Take a look. You will find ten top tips for creating curb appeal, the return on investment of installing a new roof, and facts about the importance of curb appeal to your home’s value and salability.

Curb Appeal
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In the next few weeks, I will expand the tips for creating curb appeal, starting with the roof!

Color Scheme

When creating curb appeal, your roof plays a significant role. It can be up to 30 percent of what you see as you approach a home. When you blend the color of your roof with the other elements of the home exterior, you create an attractive exterior color scheme.

For a home with brick or stone, your first consideration when selecting a roof color needs to be finding a blend that complements or has the same color cast as the stone or brickwork.

If there are noticeable variations in your brick or stone color that create a surface pattern, you do not want to create too much pattern or texture on your roof. These two areas will be fighting for attention rather than standing out as decorative architectural elements.

Braswell Construction

Noticing a Pattern

When one fixed feature on a home creates a pattern, it is often best to choose colors with subtle variations that will allow the patterned element to stand out.

Roofing installed in even rows rather than staggered courses may balance the stone or bricks’ texture and pattern. You can install both multi-width and single-width slate and shake in this fashion.

A closer view of what DaVinci can do for your palatial mansion.

When a home has features with little or no competing patterns, a multi-color roof can add a wow factor. The owners of this beautiful home choose Aberdeen Slate when replacing their roof. It is an excellent choice that created an exterior scheme that exudes curb appeal.

This seaside home is ready to weather the salt air thanks to DaVinci Roofscapes's Composite Slate

If you need guidance on choosing a new roof or exterior color scheme, we have created several guides to help you. You can find them in the DaVinci Color and Design Studio.