Sample Your Way To Color Success

Imitation Slate Lightweight roofing solutionsDetermining how a color and finish are going to look on your home is difficult if not impossible when you are only looking at a small swatch or viewing the product on a computer screen. It is always best to get actual samples whenever possible to give you an idea of the full impact of the blending of colors and patterns.

1. Arrange to get samples of paint and exterior materials.  DaVinci Roofscapes regulalry provides customers with samples of their polymer shake or slate products. If it is not possible to arrange for actual samples, visit a manufacturer showroom.

2. Sample paint by applying large swatches directly on all four sides of your home. Paint each color on the section of the house where you plan to use it. Find a location that is clearly visible and gives you a view of the body, trim and accent colors that can be viewed together. Look at each side because the direction of the light, amount of shade and other elements can make the color look slightly different on each side.

3. Look at your colors in the early part of the day because this will give you the truest idea of the color. Later in the day the more intense sun may wash the colors out and in the dimmer evening light the colors will appear toned down.


Couple looking at samples of their composite shake roof
Color needs to be viewed where you plan to apply it. For example, lightweight roofing
materials should be placed on a section of the roof that you can see from
the ground while the front door color should be placed on the front door.

4. Live with the colors for a few days, viewing them up close and at a distance during different times of day. You might discover that a color that you thought was your final selection during the morning looks entirely different in the waning afternoon light. Keep in mind colors will also vary due to weather conditions, seasons and time of day.

5. Once you are pleased with the actual samples, you are ready to move forward.