Say Farewell to Scary Energy Bills with an Eco Friendly Roof!

Composite RoofingBoo! There’s plenty to be scared of in October. After all, this is Bat Appreciation Month, October 25th is Mother-in-Law Day (and also Sourest Day!) and we close out the month with Halloween.

One thing you don’t have to be frightened of this month … the possibility of getting your roof replaced before winter weather sets in. That’s not scary at all … in fact, replacing your old, worn-out roof with an EcoBlend roof from DaVinci Roofscapes can actually help you cut down on daunting high energy bills this winter.

Since October is also Energy Awareness Month (and International Magic Month!) we wanted you to know that you can make your energy bills magically drop when you get an EcoBlend eco-friendly roof installed. That’s because EcoBlend polymer roofing tiles have achieved the Cool Roof designation from the Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC).

Our EcoBlend composite roofing tiles help reflect heat and light from the sun away from the home to help reduce the amount of energy it requires to keep the home cool. The roof literally stays cooler and reduces the amount of heat conducted to the structure below. That translates into improved energy efficiency and helps your HVAC unit doing a better job of heating and cooling the entire home. (See What is EcoBlend?  and Save Energy with Cool Roof Colors)

According to the CRRC, homeowners can recognize an average energy savings ranging from seven to 15 percent of total cooling costs by using a Cool Roof that helps reduce temperature fluctuations inside the home. And, that’s a treat no matter what the season!