Say “No” to Cookie Cutter Homes

We're right in the middle of "Cookie Cutter Week." Although we're sure the person who developed this celebration was probably thinking of cutters made to create tasty treats, we think about it in a different way.

Polymer Roofing ProductsYou often hear about houses in a community or development being referred to as a "cookie cutter home" with all the same siding, trim, roof and other external elements. BORING! This trend started during the post-war housing boom in the 1940s when it was fast and easy for builders to create house-after-house the exact same way.

At DaVinci Roofscapes, we know it's important to put your personality into your home — on both the inside and outside. That's why we say "no" to cookie cutter homes!

A few years back, one of our "Shake it Up" Exterior Color Contest entrants had the winning entry of "Trapped in Cookie Cutter Land." Brigitte Meehan begged for our help in breaking out of the "me too" aspect of living in her Illinois neighborhood where everyone had the same exterior. While she loved her floor plan, she wanted her home stand out.

We obliged Brigitte by recommending a new Multi-Width Slate roof from DaVinci in Brownstone — a combination of medium and light brown, medium and dark tan and dark stone. That suggestion helped set the stage for other exterior changes! (See Illinois Homeowner Wins $5,000 in National DaVinci Roofscapes “Shake it Up” Exterior Color Contest)

If you find yourself trapped in your own cookie cutter land, take the leap and make some changes. We always suggest starting at the "top and going down" so that your colors and textures work together and flow. Need some help? Click HERE for a fast link to our free e-books and to ask one-on-one free advice of our color expert, Kate Smith!