Seafood, Sausages and Popcorn!

Anyone for seafood, sausage or pizza? Those are specialty month celebrations in October. Along with it also being designated Popcorn Poppin’ Month and Stamp Collecting Month, this autumn month promises lots of fun.

While you can celebrate chili, caramel and pork in October, the folks at DaVinci Roofscapes also encourage you to look at some of the more serious designations. October 6-12 is Fire Prevention Week (something we take very seriously since DaVinci offers Class A smiley face graphicFired Rated polymer roofing) and all of October is National Crime Prevention Month.

For those kind folks among us, October 5 is Do Something Nice Day, the 22nd is Make a Difference Day and the first is World Smile Day. However, if you’re feeling a bit grumpy, we have a day for that too! October 15th is National Grouch Day … and the 26th is Howl at the Moon Night!