Selling Your Home? Start with Curb Appeal!

Designer RoofIf you’re selling your home, look outside before focusing on the interior. That’s the advice of realtors who say that many home buyers won’t even get out of their cars unless they like the way the house looks from the street.

“Today, buyers can be choosy. Overgrown bushes, peeling paint or faded shutters are enough to stop some people from even getting out of the car,” says Joanne Meredith-Nolan, real estate sales agent with Laffey Fine Homes.

DaVinci Roofscapes. Offered in 50 standard colors and a multitude of color blends, these hardworking composite roofing products are impact- and fire- resistant and are backed by a lifetime limited warranty.

Working your way down the home, make sure the siding, shutters and trim are in very good shape, making these upgrades before putting your house on the market.

“No buyer wants to look at a home and think that the first thing he or she will have to do is paint, or replace rotting wood trim or deteriorating cedar shakes,” says Meredith-Nolan. “Low-maintenance products like vinyl or fiber cement siding, polyurethane trim pieces and polymer roofing all look great and have salability that can be passed on to buyers who don’t want the hassles of long-term maintenance.”