Severe Weather Season is Starting… Is Your Roof Ready?

Severe weather can come with many unpleasant surprises.  Heavy snow, rainfall, hail, falling branches and intense winds are just some of the challenges home and commercial building owners face. The roof is the most susceptible part of a structure to these forces. Having your roof properly installed can help ensure proper functioning during inclement weather. To make sure your roof is always in good working order you must have a clear maintenance plan, inspect before and after harsh weather, and make the necessary repairs at quickly as possible. Repairs should be done by a professional roofer contractor that can guide you about the applied loads on your roof and any other factor to take into consideration.

If your roof has been badly damaged before a storm, spot repairs may not always be effective and can result in the roof needing to be completely replaced. Gutters and drains should also be carefully inspected to accurately analyze their capacity and effectiveness in removing water and ice away from the roof. You run the risk of water building up on the roof during bad weather when this is not addressed. This can lead to internal leaks, added discomfort, and costly repairs.

When selecting materials for your roof, be sure to research options that are both durable and low maintenance to help you minimize potential damage from severe weather. As well, many people opt for green roofing options. DaVinci offers a proprietary product that is green, sturdy and beautiful. The Class 4 Impact Rating and Class A Fire Rating of our products set them apart in the industry. Our products also withstand severe freeze-thaw cycles without showing signs of wear and tear. Simply put, we make products that will get your roof ready for severe weather.