Simulated Slate Roofing Beats Real Slate

Have a sledge hammer handy? How about a baseball bat? What about a mallet?

If you have any of these items nearby, we invite you to put on your safety goggles and take your best shot at hitting a piece of real slate tile roof. Even if you don't have much power behind your swing, you'll easily be able to demolish the piece of slate into a million little pieces.



Next, try the same thing with DaVinci Roofscapes imitation slate tiles. Whoa! Did you see that hammer or bat almost bounce off the composite slate without even denting it? That's because luxury roofs made from synthetic slate roof shingles are impact-resistant. They're so durable they've received the Class 4 impact rating under the UL 2218 standard and have a limited lifetime warranty.

Now, imagine what pounding hail could do to real slate roofs as opposed to composite slate roofing. (And, see Hailing Your Roof)

We think you get the point. But, just in case you need to see for yourself, visit our DaVinci YouTube site to see our testing video … and see how manufactured slate tile outperforms natural slate (and many other roofing products!) every time!