Sister Communities Select Synthetic Shakes

Sometimes little sisters jump to the front of the line. That’s what happened in 2016 for the Chelsea II community of townhomes in Plantation, Florida. They stepped up and invested in new synthetic shake roofing for their 24 buildings. Now it’s big sister’s turn. Chelsea I is in the midst of having 51 buildings reroofed with composite shake roofing from DaVinci Roofscapes.

“The Board of Directors for the Jacaranda HOA Chelsea I complex saw how great the Chelsea II re-roofing project looks and moved forward to approve the DaVinci synthetic shake tiles,” says Jerry Lowenstein, vice president of operations for North Star Contractors. “We installed Chelsea II in 2016 on 96 homeowner units. We’ve been in the process of installation at Chelsea I since January 2nd and plan to get finished by late summer.”

Farewell Termites

Lowenstein and his team of 15 are working consistently to tear down old, wooden shakes and replace them with the newer synthetic shakes.

“Wooden cedar shakes are no longer up to code in Broward County (FL) so we knew we’d have to go with a different material for our roofing replacement,” says Michael J. Delesparra, D.C., president of the board of directors for Chelsea I. “These units are 33 years old. The existing cedar shakes are a fire hazard and drive up our insurance rates. They retain water and increase the likelihood of leaks for homeowners. We’ve even seen evidence recently that the wood shakes are attracting termites. These are all good reasons to pursue a new roofing product.”

synthetic shakes cedar shakes

According to Delesparra, it was important that the community maintain the aesthetic look of cedar shakes while gaining the enhanced capabilities of composite roofing.

“Personally I’m a big fan of composite-type products and particularly like it as a roofing material,” says Delesparra. “I’m pleased with the aesthetics we’ve seen with the DaVinci product. It has a clean, neat, attractive curb appeal.

“From a ‘protective viewpoint’ the product can’t be beat. We’re looking at a synthetic material with fire and impact ratings that meet the code needs of our area, plus it can handle high winds, severe weather and other situations. And, there’s no chance for insects, termites, algae or fungus to attack these cedar-looking synthetic shingles.”

A Lifetime of Confidence

The Mountain blend of DaVinci Shake product selected for the Chelsea communities features staggered edges, natural-looking color variations and dramatic shadows to contribute to a truly realistic look.

synthetic shakes cedar shakesBest of all, residents at Chelsea I can sleep a bit easier now … just like their sister community at Chelsea II. The Lifetime Limited Material Warranty from DaVinci brings peace-of-mind to every homeowner.

“I’m optimistic about the DaVinci composite roofing on our townhomes,” says Delesparra. “The warranty makes us all feel confident about the long-term success of this product. That’s especially important since we’re less than 15 miles from the ocean.

“We know the DaVinci roofs we’re getting overhead won’t be affected by humidity, salt air and other Florida weather conditions we live with on a daily basis.”