Slate Colors Naturally Occurring in the US

DaVinci slate colors make it possible to match traditional combinations and bold, contemporary exterior color schemes.

Natural slate is a fine-grained, layered, multi-hued stone prized for its attractiveness and durability. Although slate is quarried in Brazil, Spain, the United Kingdom, and China, a small area in America is renowned for being the only place in the world that harvests a naturally unique variety of slate colors. “Slate Valley,” bordering New York and Vermont, is world famous for its specially colored slate. Within Slate Valley, Granville, New York, has been called the “Colored Slate Capital of the World.”

The chemical and mineral composition of the slate vein in Slate Valley creates a rare collection of colors—green, gray, gray-black, purple, red, and mottled green-purple and red. Slate Valley is the only site in the world where this natural variety of colors is found.

Today, you’ll find “The Colored Polymer Slate Capital” of the world in another part of the United States — Lenexa, Kansas, home of DaVinci Roofscapes. DaVinci has developed a line of synthetic slate roofing materials with all the beauty of natural slate shingles but none of the shortcomings. With DaVinci, you get the natural good look and long-lasting qualities of slate without needing ongoing maintenance, repairs, and replacement.

Homeowners can choose from various standard DaVinci blends or use our virtually limitless color palette to create their own custom look. Forty-nine standard colors can be mixed and matched to generate unique patterns. And DaVinci can help you create a custom color or match almost any shade imaginable.

Slate Colors for Every Home Exterior

DaVinci’s slate tiles blend natural slate tones to produce a palate with genuine color variations. Consider these five examples:

Our Visualizer makes it easy to experiment with multiple slate colors to find the ideal combination for your roof.

  • European blends light to dark grays with a warmer-toned maroon accent tile, giving any roof an upgraded appearance.
  • Vineyard blends accent hues with cool gray between the tiles, highlighting each hue. From quaint cottage to grand Victorian, Vineyard enlivens any home.
  • Aberdeen combines colors close in lightness or darkness and comparable in tone. From a distance, the surface looks like a single color, with the beauty of the blend becoming more distinct as you get closer.
  • Brownstone is a mix of brown and grayed brown that harmonizes especially beautifully with grayed beige stonework.
  • Weathered Green is another beautiful blend of tones. Don’t rule this tile out because it has green in the title. The slate is gray-green, mixed with a bit of golden brown.

The United States has long been proud to be a leader in color, and DaVinci Roofscapes carries on that tradition with a full spectrum of synthetic roofing slate colors made in the USA.

Single-color slate adds gravitas to any roof, and multi-color slate tiles make it even more eye-catching. Selecting DaVinci’s distinct color variations allows you to replicate the finest slate roofs seen on buildings and homes throughout history.

This post was originally published in 2011.

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