Slip, Sliding Away… Might Need Snow Guards

When Paul Simon wrote and recorded his famous song "Slip Slidin' Away" in 1977 he wasn't thinking about snow on roofs — but we are! That's why the experts at DaVinci Roofscapes always recommend that if you live in snow-prone areas that you talk with your contractor about having snow guards installed when installing one of our composite slate or synthetic shake roofs. The final decision to install snow guards rests with you, but we recommend you discuss the need on your home with your contractor.

While snow tends to slide off all roofs, it's more likely to slide off metal, natural slate, glazed tile and polymer tiles (like our DaVinci roofs). Why is that? Because our DaVinci imitation slate and shake alternative roofing products have smooth surfaces and don't absorb water. This means that snow and ice have no place to "grip" as they might on some other types of roofing products.

So, when snow begins to melt from a warm attic underneath the roof, the snow blanket on top of the roof may slide off all at once. To help prevent this roof avalanche from occurring at your home, make certain to have snow guards installed when getting a new DaVinci roof.

There are a few different types of snow guards, some are rails and some are small pieces that stick up on the roof a few inches. All are intended to break the pattern of snow as it melts, helping to prevent sheets of snow and ice from coming down. Usually snow guards are installed on the lower eaves of roof, especially over walkways, decks and driveways where sliding snow might land on people or property.

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