So Many Roof Colors… How Do I Choose The Right One?

At DaVinci, we are known for our wide range of color options, color blends, and custom color abilities. Also, our tiles are pre-blended at the factory prior to shipment to eliminate the hassle and extra time of on the job collation.

While we have a lot of options, sometimes it is hard to know what will really look fantastic on your home or business, especially if you don’t have that creative eye.

That’s where our national color expert Kate Smith can help. Kate is a certified color professional and knows first had what colors to select when it comes to a home or building’s exterior. She has developed a five step process called the “FRESH” approach and is outlined below.

1. Fixed Features
2. Regional Colors
3. Environment and Surroundings
4. Style of the Home
5. Have-to-Use Colors

Thanks to Kate and her FREE online Color Book you can now use her same process to choose the right colors for your home. As well, Kate has created a quick video (below) that also outlines her “FRESH” approach. Just follow the tips as she outlines them in her guidebook and in the video and you are well on your way to a great color palette for your home.



Of course, if you have any additional questions about which of our roofing profiles or color blends would look best on your home or business, simply submit a photo and description of your plans to be evaluated by Kate – she will provide you with her expert opinions to get you started creating your masterpiece.