Spring Brings Severe Weather….Help Your Roof Survive.

Spring is a lovely time of year when the flowers are blooming, new bright green grass is coming through and the birds are chirping and singing their way into the nice weather.

However, with Spring there are also usually weather patterns that can be not-so-pleasant like hail storms, tornados, etc. Not to mention, of course, we’ve just come out of winter, which means that the piles of snow, ice dams and more may have already damaged your roof and the individual shingles.

Spring time is a great time to check to see if there has been any damage to your roof from from the harsh winter it just went through or recent spring storms. While you might be able to see cracked or curled shingles from where you stand on the ground, to get an accurate assessment of potential damage (especially if you are having water leakage problems on the inside), you will want a professional roofer to inspect your roof.

Some of the things that a professional roofer is going to look for include:

    • damaged flashing
    • dented eaves
    • water leaks
    • minor repairs needed
    • tree branches too close to the roof


Maybe it’s time to replace your roof? Maybe you’re interested in our lightweight roofing systems? If you’re ready to replace your roof and would like to learn more about DaVinci’s composite roofing, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions that you might have.