Stuck on Color? No Problem – We Can Help

Choosing the right color for a part of your home might be difficult, but coordinating several colors to get the right blend is definitely daunting. If you don’t have a tried and tested approach to pick the right shades for your DaVinci polymer roof tiles, creating custom colors could be a challenging task. But don’t worry; you can follow the FRESH 5 Step approach by color expert Kate Smith.

Kate's FRESH approach to selecting color will walk you through 5 easy steps for selecting color to help you find the right blend.

  • Fixed features: Unless you are building your home from scratch, it is not a blank canvas. You need to consider the color of the home's exterior while selecting the right color for your synthetic slate roof tiles or cedar shake alternative roof tiles. Some fixed features that you should consider are walls, chimney structures, and steps.
  • Regional Colors: Consider the location of your home. For example, a color that might look good in northern areas might look dull where there is intense sunlight.
  • Environment and surroundings: Take a look at your neighborhood. While you don’t want your home to look like an exact replica of your neighbor’s house, HOAs more than likely will require it not stand out.
  • Style of home: What is the architectural style of your home? If you are going for a traditional look, bright and bold colors might not complement its features.
  • Historic colors: Some homeowner associations have a historic collection of colors that needs to be followed. If your HOA offers particular color combination schemes, you'll be required to adhere to those regulations.

With these 5 simple steps, you can have a great color scheme for any part of your home, including your DaVinci
50 year roof.