Style Kings: NE and Midwest Homeowners Replace Roofs for Style Desire

When you think style do you think top design and top quality? Most people do.

The 2011 DaVinci Roofscapes’ Homeowners Exterior Preferences Study revealed that for many  homeowners when they think style they also think top of their home.

This was especially true of homeowners in the Northeast and Midwest who said that when replacing their roofs they placed a high value on style. So, how do you find just the right roofing profile to add the style you crave? Begin with the profile of your home, think about what roofing tiles will compliment the profile and then add in your individual sense of style with a blend of colors that makes it your own.

For homes that have a historic silhouette, often the best choice is to follow the look of the roof that was originally on that style home using a technically advanced roofing material and installation system.

Tudor style homes look great with imitation slate in subtle blends or different tones of the same or similar colors.

The elaborate details on a Victorian home are well suited to polymer slate. The amount of color and pattern will vary depending on what looks best with the many other details of the home.

Simulated shake roofing puts style on top of a salt box shaped home or traditional Cape Cod. They are also a natural choice for an A-frame, chalet, or any rustic frame construction.

If a home has modern, clean lines then single-width slate could be a good fit.

For an adorable smaller home, a fancy shake can bring a storybook cottage to life.

Whatever type of home you will enjoy the way it looks when you select a roofing system that carries your style all the way to the top!