Synthetic Roofing Materials Take on Wicked March Weather

In like a lion, out like a lamb? Forget it. With four nor’easters in March, including one the first full day of Spring, wicked March weather isn’t showing any sign of letting up before the end of the month. Thankfully many homeowners have synthetic roofing material overhead to help protect their homes from the winds, hail and snow coming down this month!

People all across the country have been impacted by Mother Nature in March. Several feet of snow and blowing winds in the Northeast. Tornados in the Southeast. Hail and severe storms in the Midwest. What’s a homeowner to do? Think about investing in a new roof before even more bad weather heads your way!

We’re Here When You Need Dependability

BFSHTahoe-VBMN0245Along with its attractiveness, one of the reasons synthetic roofing material has become so popular in recent years is its durability. From the mountains to the coast — wherever you call home, a DaVinci Roofscapes composite roof lives up to your vision of beauty. It also stands up to the challenges of your weather. You simply won’t find a more realistic or better-performing roofing product anywhere.

At DaVinci, our synthetic roofing material stands up to wind, hail and fire as well as (or better than!) natural materials. It’s also resistant to fading, rotting, cracking and pest. Plus it’s a maintenance dream.

How do we do it? DaVinci tiles are constructed of a composite material made of pure virgin resins, UV and thermal stabilizers, as well as a highly-specialized fire retardant. Together these state-of-the-art synthetic roofing tiles are crafted with the greatest degree of color control and consistency possible in our manufacturing process. The result is an enduring roof you can depend on … and that performs beautifully in any climate.

Protecting Your Home

A tile that can stand up to Mother Nature when she’s most angry? Yes, indeed. And we can prove it.


Synthetic roofing material from DaVinci is made to weather the storm. Our composite slate and shake roofing tiles have passed the strictest industry standards to earn a Class 4 impact rating.  That’s the highest grade possible. This means that DaVinci’s synthetic roofing material has a greater chance of helping protect your home from damage from flying debris during severe weather.

DaVinci tiles have also achieved the Miami Dade County Acceptance and Texas Department of Insurance criteria for high velocity hurricane winds. The roofing tiles have the highest rating for straight line wind testing at 110mph in the ASTM D3161 test and have passed the TAS-125 certification test for wind uplift resistance in High Velocity Hurricane Zones.

In most cases, DaVinci tiles may be installed in High Velocity Hurricane Zones requiring minimum wind velocity (three-second gust) of 150 mph. All DaVinci tiles also meet Class A fire resistance standards.

Having a durable and impact-resistant synthetic shake or slate roof from DaVinci Roofscapes can help your home weather the storm. Oftentimes our Dade County-approved composite roofing can also save you money — since many insurance companies offer homeowner discounts on polymer roofing.