Take Time to Select Composite Roofing Colors

Petite paint chip cards. Tiny fabric swatches. Key-ring sized roofing pieces. How is anyone supposed to make a purchasing decision based on small samples?

At DaVinci Roofscapes, we encourage homeowners to request roofing tiles in the colors you're considering in order to make a smart, educated decision on the roof color that works best for your home. Since you're going to have this durable, impact-resistant polymer roofing for decades to come, make sure to select a color combination that truly accents your home.

Polymer Roof Tiles"We happily send out full-sized samples of either synthetic shake or simulate slate roofing tiles so that homeowners can truly see how different colors look with their home setting," says Megan Stone, marketing program manager with DaVinci Roofscapes. "Nothing compares to standing outside your home and holding the actual tiles up against your siding to see which color works best for your home exterior.

"It's not just about having a good sized sample. It's about seeing what the sample looks like against your home or on your roof at different times of the day, when light hits it differently. Next, homeowners should look at the tiles from every angle of the house. A color that looks great from the southern side of the home may not look as appealing when viewed from the east or west.

"My biggest piece of advice is to not rush a polymer roofing color choice. Your designer roof is an investment that will last for decades … so take the time to work with your roofer and make the right choice. Spend several days moving the tiles around. Look at them in sunny weather, on cloudy days and in rainy conditions."

Dave and Jeanne Schwab are homeowners who invested the time to select their DaVinci Mountain color blend.

"We took home many of your color options," says Dave Schwab. "We put them on the roof and started removing ones that just didn't fit. Then we would put them back up and get friends to pick their favorite. The Mountain blend was the last color standing. Now that the entire roof is covered with the color, we like it even better!"

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