The Art of Synthetic Slate Roof Tile Color

Slate Quarry - Natural Slate Inspired Colors for Synthetic Slate Roof Tile
The beauty of slate can be seen at the Dinorwic Slate Quarry. Image from

When I’m not putting my color expertise to work professionally I can often be found sitting at my easel mixing oil colors and dabbing them onto a canvas in hopes of creating a pleasing landscape. My goal is to create a painting that looks as amazing as the scene that inspired me is to want to paint it. Good drawing skills are important but what makes a painting realistic is being able to recreate the colors of each object I see as closely as possible to how they appear in nature.

This is known as local color.  – the online art dictionary – defines local color as:

“The true color of an object or a surface as seen in typical daylight, rather than its color as seen through atmosphere or interpreted by the taste or imagination of the artist. Thus the characteristic local color of a lemon is yellow.”

Seeing the local color of an object and all of its nuances takes keen observation but the final result is well worth the effort. Getting the colors right makes the painting not just beautiful but also believable.

When the team wanted to develop realistic colors for the DaVinci Slate line of products they thought like artists. Looking at the local color of natural slate and closely observing how the colors naturally blend one into another inspired the proprietary DaVinci VariBlend® technology. VariBlend creates a continuous variation from tile to tile which results in a beautiful natural blend.

Available in a full spectrum of authentic colors the natural beauty of slate has been brought to life in DaVinci Slate to provide a solution to the cost and expense of natural slate to property owners all over the globe.  The entire range of color has been artfully put together to give you the beauty of natural slate enhancing the realistic appearance of your roof. DaVinci Slate is not only aesthetically beautiful but also durable and therefore not only protects but enhances the value of your home.

Take a look at all of the nature-inspired colors and I’m sure you will find a perfect match for your homes color and style. If you are not sure about the right colors for the roof of your home let us help. At DaVinci Roofscapes, we can answer all your questions. If you would like help in knowing what color would best suit your home, please feel free to get in touch with one of our Project Specialists or Color Consultant to get advice on what would look ideal.