The Essential Guide to Selecting Colors for Homes with Brick or Stone

Curious about roof colors for brick or stone homes? Kate Smith's new e-book walks you through the process to find your perfect roof.
Changing the exterior of your home is exciting. At the same time, making those changes can be stressful. Our new e-book, FRESH Colors for Homes with Brick or Stone helps take the guesswork out of roof colors for brick or stone homes by providing you with a fresh approach to coordinating the colors and materials for your home exterior. The free, 21-page step-by-step guide helps you select materials and colors to get the beautiful results you desire.
The e-book showcases 60 combinations of home exterior options to help you achieve a harmonious and visually stunning exterior. One of the color schemes may be perfect, as provided, or inspire a similar combination that works well for your house.

It explains why considering fixed features such as stone, brick, and roofing is the first step for creating a successful color scheme.

FRESH Colors for Homes with Brick or Stone can help you choose the right roof colors for brick or stone homes.Consider Your Fixed Features First

Exterior elements such as stone, brick, roofing, and metals are fixed features because they won’t change. It’s essential to harmonize the tones in the fixed features with new materials and colors. Do this by identifying the ‘color cast’ of these elements.

Color cast describes the predominant hue of stone, brick, roofing, or any material that is not a solid tone but a mix of colors. To say any of these is a single color does not do them justice because their beauty is in the depth and variations of their tones. A palette that complements the fixed elements sets the stage for a unified exterior color scheme by opening many primary and accent color options. When all hues harmonize, the home exudes curb appeal.

The updated e-book coordinates different paint colors with brickwork, stone, and roofing found on residential exteriors. Five different color palettes for each brick or stone color are included, with 10 palette suggestions for red brick. The color palettes also offer complementary paint suggestions for exterior trim and accents.

With single colors, blends, and custom blends, DaVinci offers unlimited choices in roof colors for brick or stone homes.

Tips for Creating an Inspired Color Scheme

Whether you’re looking for advice on selecting traditional, timeless hues or a more modern, eye-catching palette, this ebook offers dozens of color combinations sure to delight even the most discerning of tastes.

In addition, I provide a multitude of tips on how to choose colors, why historic colors have stood the test of time, and what carefully curated colors can do for your exterior. Here are just a few suggestions. Be sure to download your free copy of FRESH Colors for Homes with Brick or Stone to check out the many tips for selecting your most pleasing palette of roof colors for brick or stone homes.

  • A well-chosen color scheme enhances the home exterior and makes it stand out for all the right reasons. Brick and stone are classic fixed features. Brick offers a more traditional, uniform appearance, while stone has a more distinctive look.
  • Brick comes in many colors and types, with red being the most popular by far. This classic, all-American look has a timeless appeal. From clean, straight lines to rustic, uneven edges, your red bricks play the lead role in the color palette.
  • A timeless palette of black and white works well with a great range of brick colors. Brighter white highlights architectural details, while toned-down white makes other elements stand out.
  • A modern mix of neutrals is a marvelous way to update your home’s look. Combine brown with gray, then add subtle contrast by choosing a taupe with lavender, blue, or green undertones.
  • The warmth of stones with a tan cast makes them a popular choice for home exteriors. Tan can be neutral or lean towards another color, such as gold, greige, peach, or taupe. Identifying your stone’s subtle nuances will help you find the right colors for your home.
  • Versatile neutral gray stones look great in an all-neutral scheme or can take on any shade of color: dark, medium, or light.

If you find these tips helpful, you can get all the details for creating your best home exterior color palette by downloading our guide, FRESH Colors for Homes with Brick or Stone.

After helping hundreds of people choose materials and colors for every part of a house, I know that if you’re like most homeowners, you know what you like and what will work for your home. You need inspiration and guidance as you choose each color and material for the exterior of your home, from the roof down to the front door and trim. This ebook and the three others in the FRESH series will show you how to create a beautiful exterior color scheme.

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