The Last Roof You Will Put on Your Home

When Anthony Walsh gets involved in a re-roofing project, he wants it done right. His company, Durashield, prides itself on ensuring the peace of mind of each customer by providing unparalleled customer service.

As specialists in general contracting and restoration, Durashield gets involved with many exterior restoration projects, including some unique roofing challenges. For the past several years, Walsh and his team have relied on DaVinci Roofscapes composite roofing products as the solution to those challenges.

“DaVinci offers an awesome product that’s a great alternative to real cedar shake,” says Walsh. “We consult with homeowners about the age and condition of their current roofs to determine if we’re dealing with a repair or replacement project. When the decision is made to replace the roof, we recommend DaVinci without hesitation.

“This is a product that is impact- and fire- resistant, needs no long-term maintenance and has a great product warranty. It’s the last roof you’ll ever put on your house. I would absolutely put a DaVinci roof on my home.”

durashield house roof davinci roofing

Walsh and his team have installed almost a dozen DaVinci Shake roofs in the past few years in the Chicagoland area. They’ve done extreme makeover roofs and also large residential projects with custom copper accents.

“People often come to us after a storm has severely damaged their roof,” says Walsh. “That’s when we really step up. We work with them through the claim process and provide them with strong options that will put a better roof on their home than they had before. Oftentimes a DaVinci roof is our top recommendation. It’s worth every penny for the security and peace of mind it brings to a homeowner.”