The Proposal … No Diamond Ring Required

Recently our DaVinci Roofscapes team members have offered insights on our blog about how to locate and interview roofing contractors. Once that process is over, the next step in the process is to request a written proposal.

This proposal should provide a clear, written understanding for all parties on exactly what will be done by a contractor and what the cost will be to you. When requesting a written proposal, the experts at DaVinci recommend you consider asking for the following items:

    1. The exact materials to be used in the project (including the underlayment, type of flashing, nails and and roofing materials) and the manufacturers of these products.


    1. General idea of timing for the job. Certainly weather plays a role in any outside project, but a qualified contractor should be able to give you a specific timeframe for a start-to-finish re-roof project.


    1. If you’re having your current roof torn off, define in the contract that the roofing contractor is responsible for damage both inside and outside (including water damage if there is a rain storm) the house once the tear-off begins.


    1. Ask to review the written warranty you will be given when the job is completed. Look for a warranty with strong service and product guarantees especially during the first few years in case there are immediate problems. Plus, look for a 50-year roof warranty on durable composite roofing tiles.


    1. Request that the project site be cleaned up every day and old materials hauled away. Use of magnetized sweepers can be requested to remove screws and nails that fall to the ground.


    1. If you are purchasing a composite slate or simulated shake DaVinci roof and live in areas prone to snow, make certain the proposal includes snow guards.


    1. If there are roofing permits required in your area, have them spelled out in the proposal along with defining who secures and pays for them.


    1. Have any special code requirements detailed in the proposal for your area.


    1. Payment terms should be clearly defined for your review.


  1. Worker’s compensation and liability insurance details should be spelled out in the proposal along with the contractor’s willingness to issue a certificate of insurance (in your name) if they are awarded the contract.


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