The Top 10 Home Building and Remodeling Trends for 2014

Home Building and Remodeling Trends for 2014Predicting the hot interior and exteriors colors for 2014 begins with looking at the uber trends worldwide. These are the trends that impact what is going to be going on in housing market overall not just in color. What that means is that before I can focus on colors I need to research what else is going on in the US housing market.

To do this research I met with other experts in the industry at the CMG International Summit to discuss what we were seeing in store for home building and remodeling in 2014. Here is a summary of the top 10 trends we discussed along with links to more information from other authorities about each of these trends.

1. Open and Accessible
Ageless and open describe the floor plans most desired by the baby boom generation. Open single level, livable designs with lots of windows, hardwood floors, and beautiful materials. Naturally accessible house plans that don't say "elderly" or "handicapped" as they often have in the past. The best interpretations of this trend will result in universal designs for people of all ages and abilities. Better Homes and Gardens sees single-family homes as getting smaller, with fewer formal rooms and more casual living spaces for the whole family to enjoy. Business Week says builders say today’s draws are open floor plans and lots of storage.

2. Mid-Mod and Modest
The growing popularity of smaller homes with a mid-century aesthetic is influencing home design. According to “midcentury modern design is thriving” and will continue to do so in 2014. Rather than direct translations of the original look what is being seen is a more casual and relaxed style. Natural materials–wood, stone, and metal–will still be part of the design but slightly rounded shapes will soften the hard geometrics seen in the original designs.

3. Earth-Friendly, Human Healthy
A continued sensitivity to the natural environment is influencing builders to incorporate sustainable, bio-degradable materials into green homes. More homes will be allergy-free or asthma-friendly. The importance of sustainability can be seen in how Element Building Co. is constructing  The 2014 New American Home to the highest level of the National Green Building Standard.

4. Storm-proof
In response to the many communities that have been ravaged by tornados, hurricanes and earthquakes, homes are being designed to stand up to the elements. The Plan Collection agrees that storm-proof architecture is growing these days and Better Homes and Gardens also mentions storm resistant and energy efficient products as priorities.

5. Prefabulous!
Factory-made homes have desirable design elements inside and out. The ability to customize a home without the high costs make these homes an attractive option for many. Greener, Faster. Smarter. That is the tagline of the Modular Building Institute and describes what is found in today's modular homes.

6. Outdoor Rooms Are Heating Up
Outdoor spaces have become an extension of the home. Now to extend the time these spaces can be comfortably used, many homeowners and builders are adding fire pits, fireplaces and radiant heating under the concrete. Taking the chill off on a cool spring or fall day is all that is needed to enjoy the outdoors 3-4 seasons. The 2014 New American Home, now under construction for the International Builders' Show has an open layout that fuses the indoors with the outdoors and provides residents with many spaces to live and work outdoors. 

7. More Connected
Smart technology is becoming mainstream. Options currently are focused on convenience with appliances, lights and alarms being controlled via smart phone. Little extras like outlets with USB chargers built in or digital command centers are becoming more commonplace. Going forward appliances and systems will communicate with one another as well as directly with the utility companies to balance community demand and offer homeowners money savings options. A home that is easy to retrofit for technology is a priority among consumers, and especially millennials, according to Better Homes and Gardens.

8. Made in the USA
Consumers are placing more value American made products. Smart businesses will be touting their red, white, and blue roots hoping to connect with homeowners who prefer to buy made in the good ole USA, rather than from an overseas competitor. Consumer Reports is seeing "Made in the USA" as an important trend for 2014.

9. East Meets West
Eastern philosophies and zen lifestyles are finding their way into western homes according to Trendhunter. The health and prosperity principals of Feng Shui and Vástu Shástra are being incorporated more and more into home designs.

10. Self-Expression
You've heard me talking about this one quite a bit in the past few years as homeowners have become more confident in expressing their style and personality in the choice they make for their home. Whether with bold colors or upgraded exterior products homes are getting beautifully personal. Residential Building Magazine reports that trends, such as self-expression and the bold use of color suggest that homeowners and buyers are looking to personalize spaces. 

Now that you have an idea of what is hot in the home, stay tuned as over the next few weeks I share what colors are going to be most desired in 2014 and beyond.