There’s a Fungus Among Us

As children, we used to laugh when someone would say "there's a fungus among us" … a cute play on words. However, there's nothing funny about fungus or mold … especially when it's growing on your roof.

MoldWith September being Mold Awareness Month, it's a good time to remind you that attics need ventilation to help stop the growth of mold. Damp areas of the home, like crawl spaces, attics and bathrooms, are some of the most likely places for mold to grow.

These areas of the home need extra attention. A basement or crawl space may need a dehumidifier. The bathroom needs fans turned on when showers are being taken. And, the attic needs air to flow through vents (see Roofing 101 for Homeowners),

Because many of us live in damp areas — or even get lots of fog in the morning hours — it's also important to select a roofing material that resists the growth of mold, fungus and algae. Synthetic roofing from DaVinci Roofscapes is the answer. (see Composite Roofing Resists Mold)

Made of durable polymer, DaVinci simulated slate and composite shake tiles actually resist the growth of mold, algae and fungus. And, they also resist insects, rot, decay, fire spread and even impact.

Our number one tip for you this month is to check out the damp areas of your home and take steps to eliminate moisture and mold. Our second tip is that, when it's time to add a new roof to your home, invest in composite roofing that takes away your moldy headaches and makes life easier for you.