This 1972 Home Needs A Little TLC…

We have a 1972 house that needs a little TLC on the outside. Want to keep the original style but update it. Thinking if going white windows and trim. Need help with Shake and siding colors. Also thinking of rocking by the front door and changing front door out.

Denver, CO
Product: Staggered shakes


Dear Krista,

For your home, the DaVinci Single-Width Shake in the Abruzzo blend is most similar to your existing roof. This would still be a good choice. If you go in this color direction and want to keep the brown trim, I would suggest finding a color that is less chocolate and more toned down or grayed to blend with the new roofing color. Going away from the chocolate brown will also update the look of your home.

I would also paint your front door in a contrasting color rather than in a color that matches the trim. If possible also paint the trim around the outside of the windows to match the door rather than contrast with it. As for colors many could work- deep green, dark red or rich teal would all be good choices to draw attention to the entrance and make it the focal point on the front of your home.

An alternate color would be to go with gray tiles. Going with multi-width tiles will also change the look and would work with either gray or brown tiles. Either of these would be a more noticeable change however the brown trim would not work with the gray roof. A medium to dark gray would work or you could go to a light neutral or color that is slightly grayed. Then using the same idea as above choose a color for the entry doors that will welcome people to your home.

I like the shake style although if you wanted to change to slate tiles the same thinking about the colors would apply.


Kate Smith
DaVinci Roofscapes Color Expert