Tip of the Day: NO Red Chalk

If you're a roofer installing DaVinci synthetic shake or simulated slate roofing, here's our "tip of the day" for you: Do NOT use red chalk when snapping chalk lines.

Polymer SlateMade of iron oxide, red chalk will not come off composite roofing tiles. Check the packaging for your chalk products. No matter what color you select, if it says "permanent chalk" on the label, believe it.

At DaVinci Roofscapes we've heard stories over the years from installers who used red chalk when snapping lines. The headaches this causes are unbelievable. Even if you power wash the tiles, that red chalk does not come off.

For a hassle-free installation, look for and use a chalk that is not permanent. Usually blue chalk is a better choice. And, when doing a staggered installation, consider adding your snap lines directly to the underlayment. Then lay the tips of the tiles to match up with the underlayment. When you don't mark the tiles directly, you don't end up with headaches on the job site.

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