Tips to Get Your Roof Ready for Cool Weather

Snowguards NeededWhile it may still be warm and pleasant where you live, the cold is right around the corner – and that means you want to get your roof ready for cold weather problems.

One of the first places to start is your gutters. Make sure they are empty – this is especially important after the leaves have fallen as they tend to take up a good portion of gutter's space. As a result, water and melting snow sits in the gutters and creates all sort of water problems if not addressed, especially if the water freezes.

Snowguards are also something to consider. Check out the photo to the right – this roof does not have snowguards and the snow is about to avalanche off the roof onto the bushes and shrubs below – no doubt damaging them. Snowguards are metal devices that can be installed on your roof and they help snow melt slowly on your roof into your gutters, without the avalanche affect.

Roofs are exposed, usually, to direct sunlight and they are the first level of defense your home has from the sky and what is delivers. So checking your roof for wear and tear is also very important. Slates can crack, shakes can split, asphalt shingles can lose their durability from heavy hail storms, fungus and mold can grow, etc.

With our superior lightweight roofing systems, you don't necessarily have to worry about many of these problems due to our shingles' excellent durability when it comes to weather. However, you will want to consider snowguards, depending on where you live, with our tiles to help prevent snow slides.

You might also want to read about Ice Damming Issues that happen on the roof in the winter months.

If you have any cold weather questions (or warm weather ones too) about your DaVinci roof, please feel free to contact us.