Top Down Curb Appeal Takes Spotlight!

Lights, camera, ACTION! Once again this year national color expert Kate Smith with Sensational Color stood in front of the cameras to talk about "top down" color on the home. This time Kate tied her message in with National Curb Appeal Month and the need for homeowners to coordinate and maintain their home exteriors.

"Just as design and color harmony are essential for a beautiful home interior, the same is true for the outside of the home," says Smith. "I always recommend starting at the top of the home with the roof and working your way down to create a coordinated look.

"Try to keep in mind that no single exterior element can stand alone. It's a marriage of design, colors and materials that vies the home a cohesive look and maximum curb appeal."

Kate was interviewed by almost two dozen television and radio shows across the country. (Click HERE to see her interview in Roanoke, Virginia!) She shared tips on adding color to the roof with polymer roofing tiles from DaVinci Roofscapes, and then working down the home to the siding, vinyl windows, fiberglass door and decorative polyurethane trim.

"These are all great investment products for the home," says Smith. "Just consider if you add a new luxury roof, you could get back up to 67 percent of the product cost when it comes to selling a home. And, since 78 percent of homeowners surveyed report that a home's curb appeal is either 'extremely' or 'very important' to them, you have the peace-of-mind in knowing that your dollars are being invested in the best manner possible."

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