Traditional Regional Roof Colors: Midwest

It's always fun to look into the history of an area and discover what the traditional architectural trends were. And a part of those trends are the traditional roof colors. 

DaVinci Slate Shingles in Kansas CityWhether or not you live in the Midwestern United States or just feel like your home belongs in the Midwest, you might be curious what the traditional roof colors are for the Midwest. And if you are looking into synthetic shake shingles or synthetic slate roof shingles, for example, you might be wondering what color hue you should order. 

As our color expert, Kate Smith of Sensational Color, says, "In the Midwest, white, tan and gray are popular color choices" for the exterior color of home, therefore, you want a roof that goes with those colors. Kate's first color ebook, which can be accessed here, includes a section about regional colors that might be helpful.

The first place to start when you are trying to match traditional colors is to figure out the style of your home. Once you know your style, you can then move onto the roof colors. Kate has written a blog post on matching your roof color to your style of home  that will help you do just that.

You might also enjoy reading about the home styles and colors on Style Kings: NE and Midwest Homeowners Replace Roofs for Style Desire.

Do you live in the Midwest? What roofing material adorns your home? What color is it? Do you feel it matches with what you think of the traditional roofing colors for your area?