Traditional Regional Roof Colors: Southwest

Synthetic Shake Roof TileWhether or not you live in the Southwestern United States, your home may have Southwestern architecture and therefore you may be curious about traditional roof colors for this style home.

As our color expert, Kate Smith, points out in her blog post, A Simple Guide to Matching Your Roofing to the Style of Your Home, you first have to know the architectural style of your home to know the roofing material and color that you need.

Kate says, "The Southwest trends towards neutral sandy or sun-drenched terra cotta colors accented with coral, turquoise, brown and green. These colors are still rooted in nature but they use more vibrant hues that will not pale in the bright sunlight."

Of course, another way to know the traditional roof colors of an area is to know what natural building materials were available to the early settlers. For example, if they had only trees to make roofing materials out of, then you probably want to shoot for a wood shake roof color. In which case, DaVinci synthetic shake shingles might be a solution. 

Kate has a great color guide as well. You can download a free copy of the color guide FRESH Home Exterior Colors: 5 Steps for Finding the Perfect Hues for Your Home to help you come to a conclusion as to what color is best for your home.

Do you have a Southwestern style home? Do you live in the Southwest? What color is your roof? Do you think it matches other homes nearby?