Traditional Regional Roof Colors: West

The Western USA consists of a plethora of landscapes as well as a myriad of states with their own traditional roof colors.

Traditional Regional Roof ColorsOur color expert, Kate, reports that, “In the Northwest, natural gold-based and green hues that reflect the colors found in the natural environment are popular. Nature also influences home colors in the mountain states where the colors of stone, rock and natural woods are incorporated into the color schemes.”

If you are trying to match the traditional roof colors in your area, you might enjoy looking into the possibilities of our synthetic shake shingles or our imitation slate shingles. We produce them in a multitude of colors and blends and you can even customize your blend with our online color designer.  If our exiting color blends or colors don’t meet your needs, you can also discuss a custom color with us.

If you would like to read more about what Kate has to say about color and roofs, here are some popular links:


Do you live in the Western United States? What color is your roof? Would you say that it matches with what you think of the traditional roof colors for your area of the country?