Uh Oh! I Found a Leak! Now What?

Melting snow, hail and rain might uncover a leak you never knew existed. In some situations, a roof patch can quickly remedy the situation, but this is not always a solution for severe leaks. Severe leaks can be a sign of a cedar shake alternativebadly damaged roof that cannot be repaired but must be replaced. These types of leaks can be caused by weathering of material, high impact forces, and natural catastrophes. They are not always detected immediately and more often surface during or right after a storm.

DaVinci Roofscapes offers versatile alternatives to materials like asphalt, natural shake and slate tiles. Our slates and shakes require very little maintenance and can withstand high impact from hail and heavy winds (up to 110mph). As well, our tiles come with a 50-year warranty giving you peace of mind.

With 49 colors and multiple color blends, finding the best polymer roofing option for your home has never been easier. Plus, the freeze-thaw cycles during the year won’t compromise the mechanical and thermal stability of our tiles.

Not sure where to start? We will help you find a qualified contractor that knows how to install our green roof systems. No special equipment is needed and you’ll quickly discover that problem areas are all gone and your roof is giving you the protection you need.