“Uncle Joe” Tells You About Roofing

You know you need a new roof, but who do you turn to for reliable information? Usually if you have a family member that’s in the construction business, you turn to them first. And, if there’s a roofer in the family, then you’ve hit the jackpot.

But what if you don’t have a valuable resource in your family? Don’t worry. We’re going to share “Uncle Joe” with you!

Joe Whitmore is the Vice President of Operations for Century Slate and Solar, an expert roofing company.

Polymer SlateHere’s the question we posed to Joe: What would you tell a family member who asks your advice on a DaVinci Roofscapes roof versus asphalt, real wood shake, slate or stone coated steel?

And now, here’s the answer you’ve been looking for:

“Asphalt will only last 20 years. Wood shakes look great for five years, then start to weather and grow algae. In our part of the country, most shake roofs are only lasting 15-20 years and are requiring extensive maintenance and repairs. There is also a safety issue of having wood for roofing.

“Nothing compares to the look of a natural slate roof. They will last for 80 years but you will pay for it up front — almost double the cost of installing a DaVinci roof. The slate are very durable but will become brittle over time, and more susceptible to hail impacts. You will also need to account for the weight of the slate when you design and build your building.

“Stone coated steel is a good lightweight option. It’s fairly easy to install and has a fire and impact rating, along with a lifecycle comparable to DaVinci. It looks good from the road. If you’re any closer, you can tell it’s stone coated steel. It’s a good option for tall buildings.

“DaVinci is priced between asphalt and slate although it’s closer to asphalt in weight. It has a higher fire rating than shakes and is more resistant to impacts than real slate. DaVinci is hands down more aesthetically pleasing than stone coated steel options.”

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