Undecided – Which Color is the Best Match for My Brick?

This is the color brick I will be using on my house. I am undecided which color Multi-Width Slate to use between the following colors:

  • Castle Gray
  • Slate Gray
  • Slate Black
  • European

Sandro Scaramuzzino
Little Neck, NY
Product: Multi-Width Slate

Hello Sandro,

From a color standpoint all four of your choices could work however, because your brick has a distinct pattern I recommend that you select a roof color that has a more even tone.

The variations in color of the European and Castle Gray blends will compete for attention with the brick. Slate Black or Slate Gray would be a better match for your brick.

The choice between Slate Gray or Slate Black will come down to the style of home and your personal preference. I hope narrowing it down to these two choices will help you make your decision.


Kate Smith
DaVinci Roofscapes Color Expert