Understanding Class A Fire Ratings

Dry timber. Drought conditions. A lightning strike.  These three things can instantly spark a wildfire.

Summer is a time of tension for fire fighters throughout western regions of the U.S. and in many other states. During this time when conditions are right for the spread of sparks and flames to structures, homeowners are also on edge.

One way to gain some peace-of-mind is to invest in Class A Fired Rated composite roofing. This is the highest fire rating available for a roof, and one attained by DaVinci Roofscapes for all our products.

Want proof?

There are three tests our polymer roofs have undertaken to achieve the Class A Fire Rating. These include:

1. Intermittent Flame Test – an assembly of tiles is subjected to an intense flame for two minutes then turned off for two minutes. This is cycled 15 times to see if there is failure in the roof deck.

2. Spread of Flame Test –  flame and air current are applied for 10 consecutive minutes and then checked for failure.

3. Burning Brand Test – in this test, a burning brand is placed on an assembly of roofing tiles with a high volume of wind behind it. The decking of the assembly is constantly monitored for 90 minutes to see if any fire burns through.  If fire burns through the roof deck anytime during the 90 minute trial, the tiles fail.

Since seeing is believing, check out this video of flame spread testing of our DaVinci products:

For more information on roof ratings, see  Fire Codes and Your Roof: Class A vs. Class C Codes.