Up in the Sky … it’s Snow Guards!

Look! Up in the sky and on the roof … is it a bird? Is it a plane? No … it's SNOW GUARDS!

In many ways snow guards share some of the same powers as the Man of Steel. While they can't leap buildings in a single bound, they can help prevent avalanches of snow falling off your roof and help save shrubbery.

Even during the sizzling days of summer, it's important to remember to add snow guards to your roof. Whether you're investing in a new roof this summer or remembering the snowfalls of last winter, now is the time to make sure snow guards are a priority for your roof!

Fitted snuggly on the lower portion of the roof — especially over shrubbery and entry doors — snow guards prevent snow and ice from suddenly sliding down in one large heap. They allow snow to melt slowly so that anything (or anyone!) below is not in danger when the snow melts.

The experts at DaVinci Roofscapes recommend asking your roofing contractor this summer about snow guards. They can be installed easily by a roofing contractor and on almost any roofing material including polymer roof tiles, steep slope roofing, rubber slate roofs, and fake slate roofs.

Made of materials that are designed to endure the cold months (metal or polycarbonate) snow guards come in an array of shapes and colors, so as to match any type of roof.

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