Updating My Tudor Home Exterior – What Color Slate?

I am in the process of refinishing the exterior of my house – I have just had Tudor Boards replaced – western red cedar painted with solid Arborcaat Benjamin Moore Stain. Stucco also was redone with California Stucco Travertine color # 89. Existing roof needs to be replaced asphalt shingle that looks like either a Royal Sovereign – Autumn Brown or Golden Cedar. I really do not like the look of the existing color.

I have to replace roof and am thinking of using the DaVinci Product. I really like the slate look and think it would be more aesthically pleasing than the designer asphalt shingle.

From the website the colors that I am considering for the DaVinci are European, Brownstone or Castle Grey.

I have attached some pictures of the house.

Your thoughts please.

Tom Torre
Eastcheter, NY
Product: Multi-width DaVinci Slate

Dear Mr. Torre,

I have looked at the photo you sent and completely agree that the slate tiles would be the better choice for your home. You are also on the right track with your choices for a new roof.

Your home’s style plus the materials and colors you have chosen are a perfect fit for the product. My first choice is the Multi-Width Slate in Brownstone because I think it nicely marries with the colors in your bricks and takes the tones onto the roof complementing the overall scheme.

European could work because of the warmer tiles but it brings in quite a bit of gray that is not seen elsewhere on the home and may seem a bit cool against your main and trim colors.

I do not believe you would be as happy with Castle Gray because it would be introducing a new color without having any other elements of the home anchor it to the scheme.

Your home is already looking lovely and your new roof will be like putting a crown on the renovation.


Kate Smith
DaVinci Roofscapes Color Expert