Using Radiant Barriers with DaVinci Shake or Slate

Temperature testFor those people who want to install an eco friendly roof on their home and don’t want to use a DaVinci EcoBlend color, a standard DaVinci Slate or DaVinci Shake color blend used in conjunction with a radiant barrier is also very effective. Radiant barriers are materials used in buildings to reduce summer heat gain and winter heat loss. They can dramatically reduce energy costs, especially when air conditioning ducts run through the attic of a home. DaVinci Slate is an ideal synthetic slate to use in conjunction with a radiant barrier because DaVinci plastic slate tiles have an engineered rib structure that keeps the reflected heat from warming the tile more than it would without the barrier. A cooler tile helps to prevent against long-term thermal degradation.

Tests have shown that the surface temperature of the DaVinci tiles is within one or two degrees with or without the use of a radiant barrier.