Victorian Homes Beg for Colorful Accents

Like a grown-up dollhouse, Victorian-style homes are created of steep-roofed turrets, grand entry porches with decorative trim, arched windows and ornamental shutters — and lots of color.

Fake SlateAccording to our color expert Kate Smith in FRESH Color Schemes for Your Home Exterior, the colors historically found on Victorian homes were inspired by nature. "These colors ranged from light browns, tans and greens to darker, muddier colors," says Smith with Sensational Color. "Today's Victorian homes are known for brighter color combinations. Using contrasting colors allows the many decorative elements in a Victorian style home to be visually separated from one another.

"Starting with slate roof tiles, Victorian-style homes tend to break color rules … yet in doing so they stand out for their whimsy and beauty."

Smith points out that one of the easiest ways to add colorful roof accents is by selecting fake slate shingles, like those offered by DaVinci Roofscapes.

"A custom red and gray blend of composite slate tiles on a home that has siding and trim in brick red, sage green and even accents in refined turquoise may look like trouble on a home — but for a Victorian-style house they're a perfect fit," says Smith. "The famous 'painted ladies' in San Francisco are a great example on how colorful, attractive and exciting the exteriors of Victorian homes can be for a neighborhood.

"Every little element and decorative detail on a Victorian exterior is an opportunity to add color. With all home styles I always recommend a 'top down' approach. Start at the roof and work your way down adding color. With a Victorian-style home this means you can let your imagination go wild with tasteful colors that combine to create a 'wow factor' on the exterior!"

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