Visualize This: A Colorful Roof for Your Home

Choosing a roof color is more fun with our Color Visualizer, which lets you upload actual images of your home.

You wouldn’t buy a suit without trying it on. Or purchase a car in a color you didn’t love. The same is true when investing in your new roof. You want to “see” what a roof color will look like before making a final decision.

We get it. The Color Visualizer offers a fast way to see how different colors and products will look on your home. DaVinci Roofscapes makes it simple to “try” before you buy.

Upload your exterior image or use one of the ten home styles supplied in the gallery. Try different options to show how roofing styles and colors look on your home or the outside of a similar house.

You can see new roofing colors and audition new body and trim colors. You’ll get a complete picture of any updates you have in mind. Best of all, you can do this without assistance, from the comfort of your home.

Coloring for Adults

Dreaming of classic shakes topping a modern farmhouse look for your home? Or does a house with dark siding and a slate roof have you wondering if the combination suits your home? You can pick individual roof colors or use one of the many preselected palettes with the click of a button. Have fun! Play with colors and see unlimited combinations for your home.

You can save the combinations you like to your account or print them as a reference. Then easily share your favorite looks with friends and family for feedback. You can also come later and pick up where you left off.

Kate Smith's brick and stone color schemes can help you choose a roof color.

Enhancing Stone or Brick Exteriors

If you’re lucky enough to have stone or brick on the outside of your home, then you know there are special challenges involved with selecting colors for your exterior. Over the years I’ve given tips to lots of homeowners trying to find “just the right color roof” to match up with the different tones of their fixed stones or brick.

Did you know there are six different brick color casts? That can make it hard to pick out a roof color if you don’t know where to start. Similarly, there are five stone color casts (yes, everything from tan to white to greige/cream!). I’ve written about all of these to help people understand what roofing colors can go with their stone and brick home exteriors.

If you’re in a similar situation, download the free e-book I’ve created called FRESH Color Schemes for Home Exteriors with Brick or Stone. The tips in here will really help as you go through the Color Visualizer.

Visualize and Have Fun

Once you’re on the Color Visualizer and have an idea for your new roof color, the customer care team will work with you. They can send you samples to look at alongside your home and even recommend roofers in your area.

DaVinci Roofscapes makes it easy to try any of their colorful roofs on your home. Even if you aren’t ready to buy, they invite you to test out a new look using the Color Visualizer. You may be surprised to instantly see which styles and colors enhance your home’s appearance and add to its curb appeal!

Kate Smith HeadshotAbout the Author

Kate Smith is an internationally recognized color expert, consultant, and designer.  She is a skilled colorist & a color consultant who has lent her expertise to DaVinci Roofscapes for over a decade. Kate helps YOU select colors that you will love.