Visualizing Your Home Exterior With a New Look

You wouldn’t purchase a car without taking it for test drive, right? Or choose a dress or suit without trying it on. The same is true when selecting a new roof. But how do you “slip into” a new roof for your home? DaVinci Roofscapes is making it as simple as trying on a new jacket or sweater to see what a new composite roof would look like on your home.

The new Color Visualizer from DaVinci Roofscapes lets you try on any of our roofs on your home. Go ahead and take our roof for a test drive … look at which style and color looks best on YOUR home … all without leaving your street.

It’s easy. Just snap a picture of your exterior and upload it to our visualizer. Then pick the synthetic shake or imitation slate roofing style you want to try on your home. Start having fun by picking colors and color blends to see what roof accents your home style the very best!

And, we don’t stop with the roof. You can also visualize different types of sidings on your home (from brick to stone to painted siding!), plus new colors for your accent walls and trimwork.

Start visualizing your new exterior right away. Visit our Color Visualizer and start trying on new products and colors on your home!

Use the visualizer to try out color expert Kate Smith’s exterior color scheme recommendations.