What Architects Can Expect When Calling DaVinci Roofscapes

Pampered. In one word, that’s how an architect feels when they call us for assistance.

At DaVinci Roofscapes we understand that the needs of an architect are different from those of a homeowner, roofer or builder. We understand architects need extremely technical information, like code requirements, weight and underlayment details. And, we understand that style and color selection of synthetic shake and composite slate tiles are also important to architects.

Luxury RoofBetter than understanding all of this, we’re ready to help with the answers.

“We know there is a long life cycle with architecturally-driven projects and we’re here to support architects from the start of a project to completion,” says Megan Stone, marketing program manager for DaVinci Roofscapes. “Some projects may take months, while others take years. We remain in contact with architects at every step of the way to offer them personal support and assistance.”

In addition to the individual support offered at DaVinci, architects can also find on-line assistance in the Architects section of the DaVinci website dedicated specifically to architectural needs. Our DaVinci Digital Architectural Binder includes detailed information on technical specifications, testing specs, sustainability and products that can easily be reviewed and downloaded.

DaVinci also offers face-to-face presentations with architects that involve Continuing Education Credits along with online coursework through AEC Daily.

“The important thing for architects to know is that we are here to support their needs — from their first question about our product through specifications stages,” says Stone. “Our goal is to educate and help — and perhaps to make an architect feel a bit pampered along the way!”