What Color Cedar Roofing??

My brick is called a midland blend, 3 colors in the brick, can't find the right exterior color. Possibly a cedar shake in the upper portion, tri-level.

Gary Featherston
Waterford, Michigan
Product: color


Mr. Featherston,

The color of your bricks are dark brown beneath white with brown grout and the roof should be a tone with the same brown color or colorcast. 

DaVinci Shake in Tahoe blend looks like it would work well. You just want to make sure that Tahoe or one of the other brown-based tiles has a color that blends well with the brown in the bricks. I added a sample to the image of what I think the based color of the bricks to help you see what I mean.

Also I would shy away from brown for the siding. If you try to match the bricks it is always going to be a bit off and end up looking "fleshy" rather than warm and inviting and plain dark brown will look out-of-date. 

Instead I would go for a color that works well with brown. I like green — either green with yellow undertone or green with blue undertone but blue, blue-green or even a very toned down red could work.

Painting the siding and trim both as you have now will work best. Paint the garage door and surrounding area this same color.

I hope that helps you to make a decision on the colors for your exterior.


Kate Smith
DaVinci Roofscapes Color Expert

Cedar Shake Alternative