What Color for Our Mansard Roof?

Hello Kate,

My husband, Ron and I met with Royce last week and said you could maybe help us with picking out the colors that would look best for the mansard roof. We were looking at Brownstone and Castle but one seems too brown and the other too gray.

Thanks for your help,

Sea Girt, NJ
Product: DaVinci Multi-Width Slate tiles

Hello Kathleen,

I can see why you might think gray is the best choice. If you are set on that direction, a warm gray or medium weathered gray could be a good choice with your bricks (it leans more warm brown than cool blue).

Brownstone would also work or one or two of the colors from brownstone. Just keep the pattern that is created by multi-colors within a blend minimal so that it doesn’t compete with the pattern of the brick.

Single-width slate will give a uniform look like you have now but multi-width will work too and give an entirely new look for the roof.

I think the colors on the siding and trim seems a bit too light and bright for the overall tone of the brick and roof options. Select a neutral that blends with your roof color and is more toned down (grayed). This might just be the lighting in the photo but my advice would be to have your siding color be the value (lightness or darkness) of your brick. That does not mean the same color just that when you stand back the main siding shouldn’t seem too much lighter or brighter than the brick. For the trim, a lighter or darker version of the same color will work nicely. Keep the garage doors the color of the siding rather than the trim.

I hope that helps with selecting the right color roofing tiles.


Kate Smith
DaVinci Roofscapes Color Expert