What Colorful Exteriors Say About You

What Colorful Exteriors Say About You
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Over the years as I’ve worked with hundreds of homeowners I have found that people will often pick colors for their home exteriors that reflect something about their own personality. Different “pops of color” can tell passersby a good deal about your personality.

What do the colors of your home’s exterior say about you? Here are the personality traits most often associated with these popular colors used as main or accent colors on a home exterior:

Green — boasts that you have traditional values, are down to earth, well-balanced and nurturing.

Blue — tells people that you are relaxed, at ease, sincere and even a bit conservative.

Orange — says that you are friendly, assertive, adventurous and optimistic.

Brown — shows that you are honest, approachable, sturdy, reliable and wholesome.

Yellow — reveals that you are cheerful, a leader or organizer, and that you have a modern, open outlook.

Red — expresses a confident nature where you like to be the center of attention and sometimes exhibit signs of impulsiveness.

Purple — discloses that you are a “free spirited” person who is comfortable taking risks and dreaming big.


Whatever color you have chosen for your exterior DaVinci Roofscapes has the perfect color for your roof. With 50 nature-inspired colors to choose from you are sure to find a combination that reflects your personality.

Does your home show your true colors? Leave a comment and let me know.