What Do DaVinci Customers Say About Their Roofs?

Multi-Width DaVinci ShakeDaVinci Customers love their roofs and are always excited to share their testimonials and favorite quotes. Low maintenance, beautiful look, easy installation and energy efficiency are just some of the features that our many clients use to describe our products. You can read our customer stories to get a better idea of what we’re talking about. Other areas where we know we make a difference include:

  • Excellent customer service: We treat each and every one of our clients individually and give their projects our full attention. Both our Sales Support and Technical Teams are highly-trained to handle various types of questions and provide accurate information. We work well with various types of clientele, so we are always ready to serve you. You can scan our website for information about our products or you can call us to get more information.
  • Support: We don’t just sell you a designer roof and then walk away. We provide a complete package to make your project smooth sailing and free from headaches. In a nutshell, we give you all the help you need to get your roofing project off the ground and are here to support you after installation as well. From color guidance to selecting a contractor and registering your warranty, we make it easy to use our products and give your building the curb appeal it needs to attract people or just make you feel happy. Our color expert, Kate Smith, has many wonderful tips using her FRESH approach select color.

We appreciate all the clients who have worked with us over the years as we work relentlessly to be a leader in tile roofs. No matter the type of project you have, we are happy to help you get a beautiful roof!